Tait Kellogg

Pensacola, FL; currently lives in West Point.

Bachelor’s degree from Millsaps College; Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Columbia University, Teachers College

What she brings to Get2College:
“The Brain” or more affectionately, “The Nerd.” As our resident Data Analyst, she loves numbers, data, and policy.  She also loves the ACT, earning her nickname. She came to Get2College from the International House in New York City.  

Favorite thing about Get2College:
Working with great co-workers to improve opportunities in Mississippi

More about Tait:
When at home you can find her hanging out with Maeby, her giant, awkward goldenretroodle, Pinterest crafting, and eating double stuffed Oreos. 

Affiliations and Awards:
Current Membership: NCAN – National College Access Network, NPEA (National Partnership for Educational Access), The College Board, SACAC (Southern Association of College Admission Counseling and MS Counseling Association.